Human origins, bipedal locomotion, the human hand, early weapons, gender size differences, human handedness, robusticity, throwing and striking, and other human traits explained by a new theory.

About The Book

"In this provocative new book, Dr. Young provides a novel way of considering some of the most compelling and unanswered questions regarding human origins and the subsequent five million years of human evolution. In particular, Dr. Young explores how bipedal use of hand-held weapons by our ancient ancestors yielded enduring reproductive advantages which drove natural selection in a way that accounts for both human origins and aspects of evolution that led to the emergence of Homo."

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About the Author

Dr. Richard W. Young is Professor Emeritus of Neurobiology at UCLA, where his early research focused on autoradiography as applied to questions of cell biology, particularly the visual cells of the retina. It was there that Dr. Young published his groundbreaking paper on the continual renewal of the outer segments of the rods and cones, which ushered in a new field of ophthalmological research and study around the world. Thereafter, Dr. Young directed his expertise in human anatomy to the study of human evolution. Since the 1990's, Dr. Young has devoted his research to the topic of human evolution and has published a number of influential papers in the field, culminating in the publication of this book, Human Origins & Evolution.

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